Why Epic Exists (Why We Contextualize)

What is contextualized ministry and why do it? Why does an ethnic ministry like Epic Movement exist? This talk by Adrian Pei on the Epic Leadership Development Team was given at the 2013 Epic staff conference in front of Epic staff, as well as special guests such as Cru president Steve & Judy Douglass. It includes sharing from staff about what motivates and challenges them in contextualized ministry, and a couple of personal testimonies by Epic staff.

Outline of Talk: 

Introductions and Prayer

Sharing by Epic staff: what is motivating & challenging about contextualized ministry?

Testimony by Epic staff Jessica Lui

Identity: Why We Contextualize

Separate But Connected (Under Pressure to “Integrate”)

Sharing by Epic staff Margaret Yu

The Fruit of Contextualization (“What About the Mission?”)