Changed lives in Southeast Asia

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.34.45 AMPraying for the new believers on the final night in Southeast Asia.


It was an amazing summer in Southeast Asia! As a team, we had 927 spiritual conversations, 298 gospel presentations, and 35 people placed their trust in Jesus!  The partnership we have with the local Christians in-country means that each of those new Christians and those spiritually interested will be followed up with well. As I reflect on those numbers, I am overwhelmed with how the Spirit is moving in Southeast Asia. 

Going into this mission trip, I was not excited about leading this group of 15 students and staff for five weeks. Leading would involve making major and sometimes quick decisions that could change the direction of our ministry. It would mean that students and staff would expect me to mediate when conflict arose. I would be asked a lot to be the translator so that our students can be fed well or so that the Gospel could be understood in the native language. On top of that, I would be away from my family and my home in Austin.

The Holy Spirit filled me a week into the trip to remind me that this is not about me but about His plans to bring everyone to Himself. From there, I got to experience the most amazing mission trip. I enjoyed leading. I found it a privilege to serve through translating. I witnessed the Spirit working in my team’s lives as we resolved conflict. The Lord’s faithfulness was so real.

We met several students at the local university (80,000 student population) to invite them to our English Club where we taught students using the story of Jesus. Duc’s friend wanted him to join our club because he said “You’ll learn interesting things”. Duc, a senior, comes from a non-spiritual family so much of this was new to him. Over milk tea and through the club, Duc heard God’s story many times asking several questions. During our final meeting with Duc, he thanked us for coming to Southeast Asia and for helping him understand more about God. We were so blessed by God to meet Duc and are continuing to pray that the Lord uses His laborers in Southeast Asia to meet Duc’s needs.

Lives were changed this summer, including every person on our team, and we believe in faith that more lives will continue to transform in Southeast Asia.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.36.38 AMTi Le, Missional Team Leader, Texas

Southeast Asia Project Director